Peggy Dillon, new principal at Lake Highlands High School

It’s likely to be a few weeks before we’re able to meet the new LHHS principal in person, but one woman is willing to vouch for her, and she ought to know – Janet Lebel was Peggy Dillon’s PTA President at Westwood Junior High. (In case you’ve been on vacation, Peggy Dillon has been named to replace Walter Kelly, who took a job at Highland Park High).

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“I really enjoyed working with her and will miss that relationship,” said Lebel. “She is so polished and professional yet welcoming and down to earth. When I needed some assistance with “Greenville” [the folks in RISD administration] to complete a project, she was right there and ready to go to bat for us! This is such a wonderful asset for a school principal. It is a delicate balancing act to soothe all the different community members – teachers, students, administration, volunteers, PTA – Ms. Dillon works hard to support everyone regardless of their role.”

As PTA president, Lebel worked closely with Dillon over many months and met with her regularly to plan meetings and set the calendar. They also worked together raising funds and deciding how to spend them.

“Racial and socio-economic diversity is not going to stop Ms. Dillon from trying to get everyone to perform their best,” Lebel added. “You are fortunate to have her at LHHS. Her intelligence, commitment to education and can-do attitude will be missed at WWJH.”

Lebel gives credit to Dillon for Westwood earning the Exemplary rating and says she hopes their new principal will be a like-minded “community supporter who believes in the possibilities of all the students and staff.” Here’s hoping Dillon can bring that magical Exemplary seal to 9449 Church Road.