Remember that I am merely the messenger.

Due to their rising fame and imminent spot on Food Network this summer, Good 2 Go Taco will be focusing more time on their lunch tacos.  The “Paris, TX” is the taco that set this wave in motion, and co-owner Jeana Johnson admits that they will probably have it on the menu everyday, after their Food Network special runs.

What does this mean for you?
Good 2 Go Taco is no longer offering specialty breakfast tacos on weekdays.  They will only have two to choose from now on; bacon, egg, cheese, and potato, egg, onion.  These tacos will be located in the tray by the register.  However, the ladies will be serving up lunch tacos during the week from 12pm-3pm.

Their menu on the weekend will be the same as always with 4 specialty tacos on the menu starting at noon (one of these will still be breakfast).

Good 2 Go Taco
702 N. Buckner