A Lake Highands High School resource officer, Sr. Cprl. Cayce Shelton, has been awarded Dallas Police Officer of the year. LHHS executive assistant Karen Clardy tells us that "LHHS is very excited", and she says that “Officer Shelton is fabulous!”

Sounds like it — according to this letter of recommendation from his supervisor, Shelton has made a huge positive impact on the northeast area.

During his ten years on the force he’s received 45 commendations — he’s arrested a drunk who was driving with a 2-year old in the car; arrested multiple suspects on drug charges, especially during the recent “blitz” in the North Lake Highlands area (busted one suspect with 59.3 grams of cocaine at a traffic stop); he caught a capital murder suspect; made several BMV arrests during a covert operation; and he located a vehicle used in a drive-by shooting, just to name a few.

He’s arrested a total of 816 people, issued 2,934 misdemeanor citations and/or traffic citations (yeah, I’ve probably met him personally). Notes his supervisor Sergeant Robert Harmon of the Northeast police subdivision, “Shelton’s self initiated activity exceeds that of most officers in both quantity and quality.”