In preparation for the 30th Anniversary Espree Show this month, Carolyn White, mom of senior Martin White, is searching for every poster from every previous year to display. Each year has its own theme and features the wonderfully talented kids in LH’s show choir. Miraculously, she’s found 25 of 30, but she’s hoping some of our Advocate Blog readers happen to be former Espree Moms (once an Espree Mom, always an Espree Mom).

If you are willing to loan out your poster from 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, and/or 1995, the Espree kids would be eternally grateful. They might even give you a free ticket to their show, “The House is Rockin,” February 26 & 27 in the LHHS auditorium. If you’re still in possession of a poster, chances are you’d like a front row seat. You can email Carolyn here.