If you’ve been out to watch the Wildcat soccer team, you may have noticed that every play seems to begin on the back line with junior Emmet Kumeh (pronounced “coo-may”). It feels as if he has a magnetic pull – every player seems drawn to put the ball at his feet. Emmet competes with great confidence, and it’s clear the team has confidence in him.

Emmet came to America when he was 8 years old with his mom, two brothers, and a soccer-playing dad. “My dad is my role model,” Emmet told me. “I learned everything from him. He came to America to find better opportunities for his family. I remember it was a war-stricken country, but I was young and I didn’t really understand how tough life was there.”

Emmet was recruited to play soccer for the Ayses club team, and he still plays for the Texas Longhorns Soccer Club the Ayses folded into, competing in showcase tournaments all over the country.

He was a natural choice to be LH’s team captain even last year as a sophomore, but he says that didn’t seem strange. “I’ve always been in leadership positions on every team I’ve been on. The older players listen to me, but I also take advice from them.”

Emmet plans to play college soccer, perhaps in Florida, and he wants to play professional soccer. After that he’s interested in a career in sports medicine. And if you come to a match and you’re looking for Emmet, don’t worry, he’s easy to find. He’s like the Wildcat’s sun – all plays revolve around him.