The Wildcats beat Skyline last night in the district opener, but they had to go into overtime play to do it.

The Cats dominated the game, controlling the ball and scoring once in the first half when Emmet Kumeh put the ball in after a pass from Joel Mendoza. But they couldn’t find the net during the second half, and they let Skyline score toward the end of the game.

Dribble-ups followed, with five LH players going one-on-one with the Skyline goalkeeper and five of their players facing goalie Myles Osborn head-on. The Cats won that contest 4-3, with goals by Reagan Dunk, Murphy Short, Ben Toler and Emmet Kumeh. Emmet is profiled here on the blog below, and his game-winning goal is shown on this video. Lake Highlands plays Sunset at Sprague Field Friday night at 7 pm.