Students at Lake Highlands High are glad they don’t take semester exams ‘til January – they’d be too distracted to focus on them now. They’re worried about John Menton, the golf-cart-riding parking lot attendant who had a heart attack over the weekend.

“I love him, he’s really sweet,” said Caroline Keffer, school mascot and senior class officer. “He jokes around with us all the time. I hope he’ll be okay.”

“He always puts a smile on your face,” agreed Stephen Holmes, also a senior class officer. “I really like him.”

“He always gives me a ride if I’m running late,” said senior Highlandette Amelia Lewis. “He’s such a caring guy.”

Even former students away at college had heard the news of Menton’s hospitalization and sent their well-wishes. “I hope he feels better soon,” said Lauren Barry, who attends Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama on a leadership scholarship. “He used to goof off with us, and he’d act like he was gonna run us over with the cart. He was quick to give us a ride if it was raining or we had a long walk.”

“He has a really good sense of humor – everyone likes him,” added Tori Mellinger, who plays volleyball at Texas A&M.

At last word, Menton was in the cardiac care unit of Medical City Hospital. His wife Nancy and his grown children Molly, Mark and Michael have expressed gratitude for the prayers of the LH community.

Menton is known to many as Bob Johnston’s spotter at Wildcat football games. As Johnston, aka “The Voice of Lake Highlands,” calls the games, Menton serves as his right-hand man up in the booth. He was Bill Blaydes’ LH spotter before that, and they still go to Austin College football games on fall Saturdays to cover Kangaroo football in Sherman. And Menton enjoys being the occasional time-keeper for LHHS basketball games.

“I really hope he’ll be strong enough to come back to school soon,” said senior Wrangler Wil Matthews. “He’s such an amiable, friendly guy.”

“Seeing Mr. Menton in the parking lot starts your day on a good note and ends your day on a good note,” said Bell Boy Will Pittman. “We’re all hoping he’ll be back on his golf cart soon.”