Good news in the fight for budget accountability from City Hall. Dallas’ Mainstream Media, which mostly ignored the budget crunch last year until it was too late, is all over our budget woes this time.

Last week, Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper, the Observer and the Dallas Business Journal each ran stories detailing that the sales tax forecasts in the 2009-2010 budget were already off, and we’re only one month into the fiscal year. Thanks for the help, my friends. Rudy Bush in The News had an especially good piece. Remember, the key is not that sales tax collections are down from last year, but that they’re behind the numbers in the budget. If they stay behind, next year’s budget will be an even bigger mess than this year’s. And we know how much fun that was.

We should have our handy clip and save sales tax chart up and running this week, so you can track the bad news yourself.