I lfrequently crave sushi, and I’m always in a hurry, so I often grab some of the ready-made sushi rolls and sashimi offered at grocery store delis. Thus, probably way too often, I settle for the mediocre, and I figure that’s the best I can do on the fly.

Boy, was I wrong.

This week, I stopped by Kazy’s, a Japanese grocery at 635 and Greenville Ave that my coworkers told me about. Not only does Kazy’s sell all the necessary ingredients to make your own sushi, they have a sushi counter where you can order to dine in or take out. I got a double California roll combo platter for my daughter, and some plain white fish sashimi for myself. At $12.99, two California roll combos ran about the same in cost as a similarly sized to-go box at Tom Thumb, but it was loads fresher and far more delicious. (Tom Thumb is a reliable grocery store that I like plenty, but I don’t think I’ll buy sushi there anymore. My husband, who works for Kenichi (Dallas’ top sushi joint according to the Observer) told me that Kenichi buys a lot of its ingredients from Kazy’s. So there you have it. Kazy’s supplies some of Dallas’ top sushi restaurants, but us Lake Highlands dwellers have the good stuff close to home at a fraction of the top-sushi-restaurant price.

Tip: What not to order (from a story we did featuring Kazy’s a while back)

Even if you’re adventurous, don’t try the featured uni-don soup — cooked sea urchin with rice, wasabi and green onions. “It’s an acquired taste, I’ll be honest,” says the manager. “We have it because sea urchin is expensive, so most restaurants don’t offer this. But unless you know you like sea urchin, stick with the sushi menu.”