The LH volleyball team may have been a little starstruck at the start of Tuesday’s regional quarterfinal win over Rowlett. Before the game, they received a call from Mark Salling, star of the new hit TV show Glee and a 2001 LH graduate.

"I had arranged for him to call about 7 p.m., right before we took the court," said assistant coach Gladys Johnson, who had Salling as a student.

Johnson said the girls were ecstatic as she put Salling’s call on speakerphone for the team to hear.

"He wished the girls good luck. They wanted him to sing, but he wouldn’t. At the end, the girls sang "Don’t Stop Believing" (one of the show’s songs and the team’s motto for the playoffs) to him."

The volleyball team will be singing all the way down to Huntsville for the regional semifinal against Georgetown at 8 p.m. Friday.