On the Lady Wildcat volleyball team, last year’s freshman phenom has become this year’s steady sophomore. At 6’2”, Matalee Reed attracts lots of attention playing middle blocker, but she’s never been rattled yet, despite going up against all-star seniors from around the metroplex. “Playing on varsity as a freshman was a good experience. It allowed me to see how experienced players handle themselves. It helped me to learn how they handle things, on and off the court,” she told me. “They gave me good advice, and they welcomed me and made me feel comfortable.”

Matalee says her parents, Rob and Jill, are her number one supporters, and – now that little sister Morgan is playing – Matalee is going to her sister’s games and paying her back for years of support. She says if she couldn’t play volleyball, she might enjoy joining the soccer team. “I don’t know if I’d be any good. I haven’t played since 8th grade.”

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Matalee’s favorite movie is “Australia,” but she’s not exactly itching to travel there, she enjoys being home with family and friends. “This summer I got to play in Miami with my Skyline Juniors club team. It was really fun and we stayed by the ocean, but I enjoy being near home.”

Matalee, named for the Lakewood area street where her parents lived when she was born, never skips her gameday ritual. “I always wear a piece of tape on my left wrist when I play.” She hopes to play college volleyball, preferably in Texas, and she recently enjoyed traveling to Waco to watch Baylor play Texas A&M, visiting with LH Aggie Tori Mellinger and a friend on the Baylor team after the game.

Here in LH, Matalee knows what she wants. “We are working so hard, and we are expecting to go far in the playoffs,” Matalee told me. “I want to go to state.” Her message for the supportive fans? “The team gets so excited when we have a big crowd – come see us play at our best.”