Don’t worry, Highlandettes. Your position as LH’s premier dance team is safe. But there was another group of women dancing at the pep rally on Friday. In true Wildcat tradition and in honor of senior football players, cheerleaders, and bell boys, their moms conspired with Jill Mackie Rommel, LH mom and choreographer to the Wranglers, to put on a little show for the kids.

While we were dancing, we were thrilled by the roar of the crowd. Now that I see Julie Watler’s video, that seems more like howling laughter. Either way, our sons and daughters gamely played along, dancing along with us when we pulled them onto the floor. And that’s Coach Scott Smith riding in the golf cart with quarterback Ricky Zorn’s mom, Sandra, to start the show.

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Oh and, in our defense, we got off to a rough start because we couldn’t hear the music. Can anybody get us a good deal on a new sound system for the LHHS gym?!?