Print media keeps taking punches to the gut. Case in point? The recent announcements that the New York Times is laying off 100 newsroom employees and that Conde Nast had shuttered four pubs, with the nearly seven-decade-old Gourmet among them. With Gourmet gone, what will happen to Insiders say it also might be shut down, taking tons of web-exclusive recipes with it. But panic not, foodies — to the rescue! The latter site’s staff spent hours coming up with this list of “25 Must-Download Web-Only Recipes from” Go now, before it’s too late.


By now, you’ve no doubt heard the ubiquitous Beyonce hit, “Single Ladies” — maybe through your own iPod, or perhaps by watching the recently mega-viral video of that dancing baby. The latter is how we here at Link Lounge heard it, and — not being fans of, um, Sasha Fierce — we gladly would have never listened to it again. Until we stumbled across Pomplamoose Music. Take a listen. Whether your prefer the Beyonce version or this stripped-down one, it’s pretty amazing what different artists can do with the same tune.


Every so often, you’ll read something both troubling and beautiful. Something that makes you appreciate your own mundane yet relatively untroubled life while simultaneously triggering appreciation for the profound love that people can have for one another. This New York Times article, written by an Iowa man with a profoundly autistic son, is one of those things.  


It might be time to dig out that favorite photo of your parents. Now, you have a place to show that pic to the world. Because, as the founders of the “My Parents Were Awesome” tumblr-blog insist: ““Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your parents (and grandparents) were once free-wheeling, fashion-forward and super awesome.”