Playing for the highly successful Lake Highlands volleyball team takes talent, commitment and dedication. So does peforming for the Wildcat Wranglers, LH’s famed country-western dance and stunt team.

Hollyn Adams and Caroline Henton somehow manage to do both.

"Managing volleyball and Wranglers is definitely a challenge at times," said Adams, pictured on the right. "Volleyball is a lot more time-consuming than Wranglers, but our coach and sponsors have been extremely easy to work with and very understanding."

They can’t always do both. In fact the Wranglers have performed at an LH volleyball match this season that Henton and Adams were playing in.

"It is difficult at times because some of the events do overlap," said Henton, pictured left. "But Wranglers works around the sports schedules, so Hollyn and I can pick and choose which events we want to dance in."

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Practicing for two high-intensity organizations can make for some long days and sore muscles.

"Both practices are pretty hard workouts because they both actually work different muscles," Henton said. "Volleyball helps out with keeping us in shape for Wranglers and helping our partners out when we have to stunt."

Henton said she grew up in awe of the Wranglers’ performances and wanted to try an activity that was different from volleyball. For Adams, Wranglers was a good fit for her background in cheerleading.

"All of the stunting I knew would be fun and easier after flying for cheerleading for about six years," Adams said. "Plus, I love country music, so that makes it even better."

Adams said while volleyball feeds her competitive nature and builds a close bond with the team, Wranglers fulfills a need to perform.

"When I was younger I used to be in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading which involved a lot of performing, which I love," Adams said.

For Henton, the attraction to both activities is much the same.

"Volleyball is all about the intensity and competition…Plus I love my team, they have basically become my family," Henton said. "For Wranglers, the best part is getting to perform in front of huge crowds and show off our skils. We just performed at a Mavs game and we had so many fans cheering us on that it just creates a sense of exhiliration. You can’t stop smiling."