Every year around this time I hear about Sam’s Family Fun Day at Flagpole Hill — the fifth annual is on for this weekend, Saturday, Oct. 24. Each year Sam’s Day seems to get a little bigger and more popular. (See after the jump, they even have a slick ad this time around).

I think the event’s popularity has something to do with little Sam Killian’s wonderful personality. The outspoken 6 year old suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease that causes muscle break down. Years ago his family started up the annual Sam’s Day to raise funds and awareness. In addition, his dad, John Killian has run 10 marathons toward the same end.

During the November 1 New York City Marathon, 50 runners including The Ticket Sportsradio station’s (and Advocate‘s own) Craig Miller, will run in Sam’s honor.

I heard an interview between Miller and Sam on the Dunham and Miller show last Thursday morning and the kid is irresistibly adorable (Miller blogged that he raised $5,000 after the interview aired). As I mentioned, Sam’s personality no doubt helps the cause (Miller is pretty funny too). “The Killians have raised nearly $1 million in honor of Sam, and the goal for the New York Marathon is to raise another $500,000,” according to this Fox 4 News report. Check Back Talk next Monday for video of the event, and you can go here to donate.