The “Nude Dude” is back, according to the Lake Ridge Estates North Neighborhood Association in Lake Highlands. He first showed up in a backyard on Edgecliff Circle, near Walnut Hill and Audelia, in June of 2007 and has since been seen periodically in yards in the area. He climbs a fence or enters a gate, then dances in the yard and/or swims in the pool. Most recently he returned to the original house, and he has showed up on Broken Bow, Parkford, Lakemere, and Buxhill. Neighbors say he comes around midnight wearing something over his head (after losing his ski mask at one home he appeared twice wearing a paper bag). He’s a 6 feet tall white guy in his mid to late 20’s. He’s also been described as having pasty skin and a pudgy belly, according to the Back Talk post early this week, which includes info about a ‘person of interest’ in the case. If you see the serial flasher or notice anyone suspicious, you are encouraged to call police and email the association.