A group of White Rock area neighbors are trying to lessen losses felt at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake following the city’s budget balancing.

City cuts severed funding for the director position at the Bath House, plus about $25,000 from the cultural center’s administrative budget,” Mel Cyrak, a neighborhood resident says.

That’s why he and several other neighbors are working to form a “Friends of the Bath House” group.

The group is ambitiously attempting to earn $50,000 by December 31 in order to keep the director, Marty Van Kleek (who has a wide range of responsibilities at the center) in position. City staff set the deadline and suggested a private fundraising arm for the Bath House, Cyrak says. “The city cut the position, but then reinstated it without funding” after the public complained, Cyrak says.

District 9 Councilman Sheffie Kadane and District 10 Councilman Jerry Allen each contributed a portion of their discretionary funds toward the cultural center, he says, and profits from cultural events such as the Bath House Cultural Center Art Mart also help.

Cyrak and the others hope to model the Friends of the Bath House after groups such as Friends of the Katy Trail. White Rock Lake enjoys a couple supportive groups including For the Love of the Lake and White Rock Lake Conservancy, and Cyrak says that those organizations may also be asked for backing.

Bath House advocates will meet Oct. 2 to hash out a few ideas for fundraisers—probably one in November and another in December. We will bring you that info as it comes.