Lake Highlands High School sophomore, Carly Kaplan, needs your vote.

Carly is involved in Fresh-Films, a competition that encourages teenagers to create a movie in a week. Eleven teens were chosen for the Dallas Team, and they are now competing against teams in five other major cities.

Carly’s team created the film from scratch, doing everything themselves from casting the actors to editing the final product. “It was absolutely the best week of my life,” Carly says, “and I made lifelong friends.”

The winning team will have their movie entered in American Film Institute (AFI) Film Festival, be flown to LA or New York for a red carpet event, and receive expensive high-tech movie editing equipment.

Voting begins this week, and you can vote for the Dallas team as many times as you wish until Wednesday, Sept. 2. Each vote puts you in a drawing for a free Flip video camera – an amazing little device we use here at the Advocate. Here’s your link – happy voting!