Turns out the big to-do about the proposed zoning changes at the Lake Highlands Town Center appears to be much ado about nothing.

Because of the nature of the SUP zoning originally granted to the Town Center, even relatively minor changes such as slightly altering sidewalk widths or changing the way trees are handled on-site requires council approval, and that’s about all that appears to be happening with this request.

"I don’t see this as having any problems getting through the plan commission or the council," says councilman Jerry Allen. "It’s mostly cosmetic in nature. This is Prescott coming back after a couple of years, getting information on this thing, seeing what they need to do with this thing. It’s mostly fine-tuning."

In fact, if you read this month’s magazine cover story about the Town Center and check out the various illustrations in the magazine, you’ll find that most of the zoning changes should have no affect on the development, and you’ll also wind up with a pretty good idea about what Prescott Realty has planned for the site.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the developments there, but no need to get worked up at this point.