Last night, the football coaching staff of Lake Highlands High presented Football 101 for moms to help us understand the game and get us in the spirit of the season. Head Coach Scott Smith said “we’re excited about what we’re doin’ and where we are” and stressed “we’re planning on playing for 18 weeks,” (all the way to state playoffs). He shared his team philosophy – pride, poise, class, and discipline – and introduced his coaching staff saying, “these coaches are also great teachers in the classroom.”

Quarterback coach Lonnie Jordan gave us a lesson in throwing the football but warned, “if it gets rowdy, we will do some laps.” QB Ricky Zorn’s mom Sandra earned an A+ for her technique.

Russell Urbanke told us “the team is only as good as the offensive line” and said, “I tell my guys, ‘Mr. Nice Guy’s gone – we’re the aggressors.’” Senior mom Pam Woodiel asked “why is he called a ‘Tackle’ if he doesn’t tackle?,” which we all thought was a great question. You go, girl.

Receiver coach Ethan Brown explained interference for us, but Secondary coach Travis Haynes told us not to listen. “My guys can do whatever they want to those receivers until the quarterback releases that ball.” Haynes, who also serves as head coach for the freshman team, said his strategy is to “punish the other team’s receivers and make ‘em go back to the huddle and tell their quarterback – don’t you throw that ball to me anymore.” He warned moms, “your son will not be your polite little boy when he’s out on the field,” and he stressed “kids need confidence – after the game, don’t focus on what he did wrong.”

Defensive Coordinator Jeff Smith explained “bones”, their reward system of stickers on helmets for things like making an interception or jumping on a fumble. He said their goals are: communicating well, making ‘3 and outs’ (getting their offense off the field quickly), and securing the best field position for the Wildcat offense. Most importantly, he added, “we have a lot of fun.”

I think all the moms attending would agree with me – we did too.