How could $10,000 improve your neighborhood?

If a city hall proposal goes through, community groups will be able to apply for grants to improve their neighborhood.

Many people in the HOA community weren’t aware the city is pursuing the Loving My Community neighborhood improvement grant program, but are excited by the prospect of the good the program’s funding could provide.

Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association President Pat Carr applied to sit on the board that will review applications for grant funds. She believes the Loving My Community program will inspire neighborhood groups to continue the work they are currently doing, and increase participation.

“If you’re going to have a group that has enough enthusiasm and passion to want to improve their neighborhood, they’re going to contribute on their own, even if it’s nothing else but labor,” Carr said. “Many neighborhoods that I’ve seen, they don’t have the funds for some projects, otherwise they would have done it, but they’re willing to work because they have a passion for their neighborhood.”

In her own neighborhood, Carr said the areas around Greenville and Henderson avenues could benefit from more lighting, which would reduce crime and encourage local businesses to move into the area.

“Lighting is one of the things we talk about at length to make the neighborhood safe and increase pedestrian traffic,” Carr said. “When people walk the streets, crime goes away and relieves some of the emphasis DPD is forced to put on our neighborhoods.”

The Dallas City Council is scheduled to vote on the measure on May 27. Dallas Central Service Area Coordinator Pamè La Ashford is heading up the program for the city staff; contact her for more info. And you can always weigh in with your council representative, Jerry Allen.