All over Lake Highlands, families are attending the college graduations of their beloved children. It is an indescribable joy to see your son or daughter, decked out in cap and gown, walk across that stage. If your student attends school in a far away place, as mine does, it’s even more wonderful to have a chance to see them happy and successful among “their people.” If there were tears of apprehension dropping them off in a dorm room four years ago, there are tears of elation snapping photos and congratulating them at commencement ceremonies this month.

The graduation experience is a world-class high, whether the commencement address was delivered by Hillary Clinton in the new Yankee Stadium, as LHHS and NYU grad McCallan Stringer’s was, or by Laura Bush, as LHHS and SMU grad Sam Douglas’ was, or by someone special to your own child’s university. It’s a magical experience, and I congratulate my fellow parents from the LHHS class of 2005.