Soon after neighborhood blogger Carol Toler let us know about the new crop of LHHS Bell Boys and their first order of business — naming of Madison Barnes as Bell Boy Sweetheart at Saturday’s annual Red White Game — I stumbled on a couple of videos that newly named Bell Boys Brent Bono and Will Pittman made, convincing students to vote them into one of the four highly sought-after positions.

In order to qualify as a Bell Boy, young men at LHHS have to put in a certain number of service hours through the Excel Club, the high school’s counterpart to the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands. Once they meet that requirement, they create campaign videos played before the student body, which then votes to elect the Bell Boys.

Bono and Pittman‘s videos are the only two I found on YouTube from this year’s candidates (though a quick search of "Lake Highlands" "Bell Boy" turns up some gems from the past). Bono went the hijinks route, wearing a blonde wig, tie-dye bandana, pink zebra halter top and camoflauge shorts while pulling all kinds of stunts at NorthPark Center, mostly out of the watchful eye of security. The laugh-out-loud highlight is a mother frantically grabbing her young daughter out of harm’s way as Bono dives into the fountain near Dillard’s. Pittman donned a tux and wrote an original rap song to earn votes, with lines like: "I’m like Oscar the Grouch, talkin’ trash ’bout Plano/If you go to that school, then you sure are lame-o."

Watch the videos after the jump: