Billyjack Gunter approaches tattooing as a fine art. His North Dallas studio is more art gallery than tattoo dive, and he features his artists’ paintings amid hardwood pillars and inviting funiture. Business has been so good for Gunter’s company that he decided to open a second studio on Greenville Avenue above the Regal Beagle. The shop opened Saturday, and employs eight full-time tattoo artists and two full-time piercers.

Gunter is a second-generation tattoo artist, originally from Fort Wayne, Ind., who owned tattoo shops in Bowling Green and Owensboro, Ky. before moving to Dallas in 2005. "I visited Dallas for a week and fell in love. It’s a different culture here. People are way more open-minded." Gunter’s tattoo designs have been featured in over 60 magazines and he has a trophy case full of awards for his work.

Gunter and his staff recently shot a pilot episode for an online TV show called "The Next Top Tattoo Artist" for Tattoo TV. If you want some skin art, come and knock on their door.