Dallas Water Utilities along with Tarrent Regional Water District have launched a $1.4 million marketing campaign to boost public consciousness and responsibility when it comes to conserving the H20. Advocate intern Cara Hogan informed us of water usage restrictions when they went into effect a couple days ago, but the water companies are apparently looking for a bit more.  A spokesperson noted in so many words that people forget about saving water when the message isn’t in their face all the time. So true — we do need constant reminding to exercise common sense such as "hey, it’s been raining all night maybe all eight sprinklers DON’T need to be spraying my front yard at the moment."

The one commercial I’ve seen so far is cute — it features this khaki-and-loafer-clad homeowner out proudly flooding his lush lawn and garden when he gets a text message from his sprinkler … and it goes from there. (It’s all good as long as the cost of the campaign doesn’t somehow make its way onto my water bill.)