In the literary world, Lake Highlands resident Cindy Causey is ahead of her time. She published her first non-fiction book about the warming environment, “Cherish the Gift”, in 1992. Fast-forward 16 years later, and Causey is not only onto her third book, “A Hot Time in Texas”, but venturing into the blogosphere to document her journey. Her blog, Mightier Than the Sword, came to fruition after her e-publisher, The Wild Rose Press, suggested that she utilize blogging as a promotional tool. E-publishers make books available to purchase and download online, later printing copies that can be ordered on websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Wanting to avoid the lure of blogging about her day-to-day routine or beloved pets, Causey is using her web space to inform beginners, skilled writers and anyone else interested in the publishing process from the first email (as in her case) to release date. Although all will be revealed online, Causey spills a few tips to those with the publishing bug: Write what you know; read and carefully follow publisher’s guidelines for submissions; join a writers’ group of like-minded authors; don’t be the eager beaver slipping manuscripts to an editor under bathroom stalls; and incredibly important — love what you’re writing. Her second and most recently available novel, “A Different Drum” is a suspenseful romance about a mysterious motorcycle-riding sheriff in New Mexico. “He’s cute. He’s really cute,” Causey says. The girl is “an out-of-work reporter who always seems to shoot herself in the foot.” Want to know the rest? Buy the download.