This little bit of information is in the hard-to-believe-but-true category, but the city has a great idea if you would like to replace the city-owned sidewalk in front of your house: YOU CAN PAY FOR THE REPLACEMENT YOURSELF!

No doubt this will help make the city more stroller friendly, as many of you were discussing here recently. The DMN’s city hall blog reports that the city, recognizing it doesn’t have (or, more likely, is unwilling to allocate) enough money to fix broken sidewalks, has graciously decided to allow us to pay for our own sidewalk replacement. (To read the blog post and see the city memo with this great news for Dallas property owners, click here.)

Even better news: The city has arranged for us to use a pre-authorized contractor. In fact, we’ll be charged the same amount to fix the sidewalk that the city would pay, if the city was going to pay, which it probably won’t. Wait a minute — given the way the city sometimes blows through money, is using their contractor good news or not?