Not only is he my favorite radio personality, Gordon Keith is also one of my favorite Dallasites, period. For those of you that don’t know, Keith is best known for his part on the morning show on KTCK The Ticket Radio 1310. The Ticket is a sports talk station — he doesn’t get in on much sports banter but sticks to impersonations, musings on local news, sarcasm, and nonsensical (oft inappropriate) outbursts or murmurs.

A while back he scored his own television show on WFAA. It came on at 11:45 p.m. Saturday nights and there were rumblings, even amongst his most loyal fans, that the show was a flop. But slowly and surely the show got better and Keith’s hilariously twisted humor prevailed. I was rooting for him all along so when I saw tonight that WFAA had moved the Gordon Keith Show to prime time — I was psyched.

Because I was at the gym when it came on, I couldn’t really hear the show, but I understood tonight at 7 p.m. was his prime time debut. Mark Cuban and Adam Sandler were both guests on the show. I also caught a segment where he announced the winners of his personal name-Industrial Blvd. contest (city leaders want a name that reflects the Trinity River). His winners included Alternate Burial River and Missed Bulk Trash Pickup Sewer (something like that – but I’m sure they’ll be posted soon). If you want to check out the show, you can watch it here.