Around town, buying pizza at Picasso’s or latte at Starbuck’s, I hear about many outstanding LH kids. I have written here that TAKS scores are not nearly as good indicators of the excellence of our schools and teachers as the anecdotal stories of our students rising to leadership and recognition at universities all over the country.

DFW realtors: Here’s one more story that cute young couple looking for a house oughtta hear. Adam Simmons, LHHS Class of 2005, recently received the "Fraternity Man of the Year Award" at Trinity Universtiy in San Antonio. The first junior recipient ever (all have been seniors), Adam played an integral role on the Greek Council Exec Board, served as Treasurer of his fraternity, was tapped for Mortar Board, and served as Fundraising Chair for the Concert for the Cure, among many other activities and honors. He recently completed a week-long LeaderShape conference after an extensive selection process by the university, which hosted and paid for the event. Coaxing this info from his mom was like pulling teeth, but his parents, Karen and Terry, are very proud of him. And, as special as Adam is, LH is full of great stories of great kids with impressive accomplishments. Congrats Adam!