The checks have been arriving in bank accounts and mail boxes for the past week or so, and here at Back Talk we thought this would make a wonderful blog contest. How are you going to spend your check? I am, of course, a well-known party pooper — I’m going to use mine to help make my estimated federal income tax payment in June.

Some suggestions for spending the money are here and here. (Although I don’t know that putting it in the stock market sounds all that appealing.)

The person who submits the most interesting and creative use for their rebate will win, as judged by Wamre and I. (And Rick asks that we avoid getting into any political discussions — this is a contest, not the blog for Jessica Simpson’s favorite local magazine.)

The rules are the same as always. Send entries here, and the winner gets $50 in neighborhood restaurant gift certificates. We’ll give $20 in gift certificates to the runner-up. Advocate employees aren’t eligible, but our volunteer bloggers are. Deadline is 5 p.m. May 14.