A bunch of stuff that I haven’t had a chance to get to:

• We’ve had a variety of discussions here about grocery stores. Courtesy of Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper: One chain expanding in this area is Market Street, which we haven’t mentioned. Another is Sprouts, which we have. Are you paying attention, Lake Highlands Town Center?

Henry Wade as a movie mogul? Those who don’t remember Wade (and that should be a majority of the people in Dallas, given how long ago he was district attorney) probably don’t get the contradiction. But Wade was Mr. Law and Order, about as hard case as is humanly possible. That he would have anything to do with Hollywood is almost impossible to believe — kind of like the Observer’s Jim Schutze going bass fishing with Mayor Park Cities.

• HEB, which owns Central Market, had to play catch-up when Whole Foods announced a couple of weeks ago that it was phasing out plastic bags. So it got the jump on its Austin rival last week, announcing it was going to try and figure out how to power its stores with wind. Whole Foods is already one of the largest buyers of renewable energy in the country.

• Speaking of Schutze: Although he is a typewriter and carbon paper guy if there ever was one, he has entered the blog age. Way to go, Jim. Can you mention my wine blog every once in a while? (One of the things Jim will learn about blogging is shameless self-promotion.)