Saturday, the Lake Highlands High School wrestling team placed fifth in Texas at the state wrestling championship competition. Coached by Texas Wrestling Hall of Fame member Pete Grieder, the team competed admirably, facing schools from all over Texas at Austin’s Delco Center.

I admit that wrestling is not my favorite sport (I’m a soccer fan), but I loaded some LH sophomore boys into my suburban and made the trek to support their fellow sophomores Isaac Grieder, son of the coach, and Isaac Kinsella. Kinsella made it all the way to the finals, ultimately placing second at 125 pounds, and Grieder finished sixth in his category. It was an impressive finish for two sophomores, who can now add "all state wrestlers" to their resume. Also there to support the team were about 25 senior students, boys and girls, who participate in everything on campus from football to student government to cheerleading to soccer to Wranglers. I think it’s cool to see the kids support each other in this way, although I admit to saying a few "Hail Marys" in hopes that these student drivers would make it home from Austin in one piece.

Returning state champ Austin Cordova and returning state placer Josh Marx had the misfortune of facing the ultimate champions in the semis, but they finished 3rd and 4th respectively at their weights. Senior captain Luis Granados placed 6th. I congratulate all the boys who competed well, and I applaud the student supporters who invested time and money to attend the competition. I especially celebrate the wonderful work of Coach Grieder, who this year was voted Regional Coach of the Year, and who continuously uses positive interaction with his players and students to uplift and motivate them to achieve great things.