Drive down Edgecliff, Edgecliff Circle, Larchcrest, Greenfield, Lakemere, Queenswood, Aldwick, Crestwick, Broken Bow and Crestlake today. You can check out the handiwork of the industrious Boy Scouts of Troop 707 on this, Presidents Day. It’s the Troop 707 Flag Project.

Six times a year – Presidents Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day and September 11th – the guys provide a patriotic service to their neighbors, putting up flags in their front yards before daybreak and taking them down at sunset.

Headed up by the Puckett boys – Conor, Mason and dad Pete – the boys started the flag installation service for their Lake Highlands neighbors in January 2006. It’s grown from one street, Greenfield, to all those listed above.

Love to see those colors flying! For Troop 707 Flag Project info, contact Pete Puckett,