If your playgroup is full of budding Picassos, Nancy Beasley’s studio may be just the place to unleash that artistic spirit.

A native Lake Highlander, Beasley is an artist whose latest venture was inspired by the creativity of children. Giving her son canvases when he was just 2 years old and later helping with an art project at his school inspired Beasley to create Artsy Kids.

She runs the venture out of her home studio, and for $65 an hour, she provides real artists’ brushes, paints and canvases to help kids create their very own masterpieces.

Beasley creates a color palette using paint samples and fabric swatches from her clients’ homes so that junior’s artistic skills go beyond the darling watercolor creations on the fridge to permanent showpieces on the living room wall. A.J. Stevens has two of her 5-year-old’s paintings hanging in her home.

“You never imagined that your child could create this sort of thing, but Nancy can get their attention and keep them interested,” Stevens says. “What you get out of it is more than just art. It’s a piece of your child.”

For information, call Nancy Beasley at 972.234.4580.