Happy New Year! It is a phrase that rings with such hope that it makes those who issue the words, and those who are the recipient of them, feel better and more hopeful for the future.

As 2004 begins, I encourage you to look for positive differences around Lake Highlands. Count the number of new young families on your street or close by. Watch for the new Lowe’s on Jupiter at Northwest Highway. The renewal of the Church Road Library is ahead of schedule. Take heart in the fact that the November crime statistics all were in negative numbers for the first time in many months.

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Believe that all departments of the City of Dallas are working together to help make District 10 a model of renewal for all of Dallas. Developers from retail to residential are calling weekly, as word begins to spread about this area, wanting to know how they can be a part of this renewal effort.

I am asking you for patience as we work our way through these planning stages. Land acquisition, land planning, design, financing (both interim and permanent) are not going to happen overnight. Just know that there are a lot of good and knowledgeable people working on all these levels today for the benefit of this entire district – people who are dedicated to making Lake Highlands the most desirable place to live in the City of Dallas.

Most of you have been nothing but encouraging in your comments. I thank you for that. To those who are frustrated with the pace of progress, I can only promise to keep the pressure on those who would continue to destroy our neighborhood through negligence and indifference, and to aid and encourage those who are working daily to make the changes I have continually promised.

I sincerely hope that your Valentine remembers you in a magnificent way this year. It’s the little things that count, guys, or so I’m told by my Valentine. I’m never really sure what she means by “little things” but I’m equally sure I won’t forget the 14th either.

God bless you all, and thank you again for allowing me the honor of representing you on the Dallas City Council. Together, we are going to make 2004 a banner year for District 10.