As the holiday season approaches, I want to stop and reflect on what this community has meant to my family and me over the past 25 years.

July of 1978 seems like it was just yesterday in so many ways. Our daughters were 6, 2 and two months old. We moved from old Merriman Park so that they would have the benefit of Richardson schools, and yet I could stay close to where I worked, which was close to downtown in those days.

What blessings we have received over this time. Sara and I didn’t have a clue about the opportunities that this community of like-minded people would provide. We were one of the youngest couples on the block and were greeted by some of the best neighbors a family could ever want.

Lake Highlands has seen some changes over the last few years, making some people question whether we’re losing our close-knit feeling. It is my hope that we all take a step back and look at the positive things that will keep our community strong for years to come. A lot of that hope is in the number of young couples who continue to buy houses here with the intent of raising their children in a safe and vibrant area. Many of our own children are bringing their families here for the same reasons we moved here. That fact alone strengthens my resolve to protect what we have going for us as a community.

The Northeast Police Station, under the command of Chief Bill Turnage, continues to make progress on the random raids that began last September in our war on illegal drugs and prostitution on both sides of LBJ. Though the station is understaffed, the chief is determined to make a dramatic impact on the problems we deem to be epidemic in some areas. I assure you that we have a real crime-fighter leading law enforcement in Lake Highlands. Be a part of the effort by reporting anything you deem to be out of the ordinary to 911.

Retail development began in 2002 with the redo of the Ferndale/Northwest Highway shopping center and the remodel of the Royal/Abrams shopping area. It continued this year with the opening of the Home Depot on Skillman, the ground breaking for the new Lowes at Jupiter and Northwest Highway, and the grand opening of the new Dallas Children’s Theater. Renewal of our retail is beginning. Help all of us as a community by shopping here whenever possible.

Again, let me tell you how much of an honor it is for me to serve you on the Council. Our home is unique and worth fighting for at every opportunity. My holiday gift to you is a promise to be as productive and protective as I can for Lake Highlands. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas Season and a Happy New Year.