There isn’t anything wrong with pairing pizza with its traditional red wines, but that doesn’t mean those are the only choices.  Depending on the type of pizza, there are all sorts of wines to choose from,” says Jared Lindemann, an assistant manager at the World Market in Old Town on Greenville Avenue. “For example, you’re not going to want to serve a red Italian table wine with a pizza with pesto and artichokes.”


Follow the same guidelines for pairing wine with pizza that you’d use for pairing wine with other entrees. Darker, tomato-based pies take red wine, and lighter, less beefy pizzas take white. Consider the following suggestions:




• Cap Rock Cabernet Royale 1999 ($6). This Texas rose isn’t sweet at all, and is a nifty complement to almost any kind of chicken pizza.




• Fossi Rossi 1999 ($6). A typical Italian table wine, made from a variety of grapes, that is a touch fruity but dry enough for a takeout pizza with extra pepperoni.




• Bonny Doon Heart of Darkness 1998 ($15). The winery that produces the legendary Big House Red offers this dark, almost brambly red blend. It’s a strong wine, made for meaty, tomato-rich pizzas and Italian food