Wouldn’t it be interesting to poke around the attics of some of the stately homes in the Park Cities? In recognition of the curious nature of people, Bill and Marsha Voinov opened A Peek In The Attic in Snider Plaza. They say “feel free to snoop.”

The Voinovs have loved antiques ever since they were first married in San Angelo while Bill was stationed at the Air Force base. The couple was soon sent to Istanbul where they continued to search out and collect rare antiques. Before settling down in Lake Highlands, they lived in Cleveland, Ohio. Their next door neighbor was a 100-year-old lady who often let them search her attic for treasures. Thus came the idea — and the name — for their future store.

The Voinovs came to Dallas 22 years ago with Southwestern Bell, where Bill still works. They found the community spirit of Lake Highlands appealing and bought their home in Merriman Park. Their children went to Merriman Park Elementary, Forest Meadow and Lake Highlands High School. Both have since graduated from college and are currently living in Dallas.

“Everyone knows you in Lake Highlands,” says Marsha, “you will see friends at the grocery store. It really feels like a small town. When we were working seven days a week, neighborhood friends would help out with the children.”

The Voinovs first dabbled in antiques as a business by selling pieces at antique shows, then they opened a shop at Olla Podrida. Marsha said this was a great place, but when the tour busses stopped coming, business dropped off.

The pair began looking for a new location 13 years ago and when they found this space in Snider Plaza, with the picture windows perfect for peeking into and the creaky wood floor, they knew it was just right. A Peek In The Attic has been at 6722 Snider Plaza ever since.

While at the Olla Podrida shop, the Voinovs began incorporating gift items along with the antiques. They brought both aspects of the business with them to Snider Plaza and built a loyal customer base with a level of service that is rare in these times of fast food mentality. For example, there was the time a customer was needing a gift and didn’t have time to shop. She called the store and gave the Voinovs a budget and some parameters. They then wrapped the gift and carried it to the customer’s car as she drove through the parking lot.

Bill is passionate about antiques. He loves advertising memorabilia, toys and Santas. The large Santa display behind the counter is his and is for sale. Bill will retire from Southwestern Bell in a few years and is looking forward to working at the shop full time.

Marsha loves items from the Victorian Era for the workmanship and quality of the silver and linens. She found a trunk of old Victorian dresses and was hooked. She’s even dabbled in celebrity gilding by outfitting the Dixie Chicks, the currently hot female country music group, in Victorian clothing.

For information, call 214-972-PEEK.