The steep exterior steps that climb up to the home lead into the breathtaking second floor entry of this newly remodeled Lake Highlands home. Standing on the entryway landing looking down onto the living rooms, dining room and backyard, the bright sunlight that streams through the large expanse of windows allows details to be discovered.


Vicki, with occasional help from her husband Jim and son Bobby, has created 11 masterpieces in home renovations over the last 12 years —  a house per year basically.


Vicki and Jim moved to Lake Highlands 25 years ago and lived the first 13 years on Parkford. Jim is a corporate pilot and spends much of his time flying; Vicki discovered her talent while redecorating their neighborhood home over the years. After all her efforts with that first house, she decided to expand her horizons and literally tackle other properties. The family decided that best way to accomplish this was to live and work at the same place.


Not only does she paint, paper and physically reconstruct all by herself, Vicki also furnishes each home and sells the property lock, stock and barrel. The buyer could easily move right in. “I never hire out what I am capable of doing myself,” says Vicki. “I like all aspects of the project, especially the show.”


She admits: “If it sells too soon, I am disappointed.”


This Mediterranean, neo-classic, slightly eclectic home, to which Vicki is adding the finishing touches, has her name written all over it — from the taupe “hand-painted” exterior to the detailed molding accents.


The living room and adjacent sitting room are two stories high from floor to ceiling. Vicki stood on a six-foot ladder atop a 15-foot scaffold to texture, paint and glaze the walls, and whitewash the ceiling. The living room’s focal piece is an intricately cut cherry wood bird house that is much too beautiful for any bird.


The sitting room overlooks a backyard with pool, perfect for entertaining. Entertaining is what Vicki will be doing much of this year as she is the newly elected president of the Richardson Junior League.


The Whites have deep roots, not only in Lake Highlands, but in East Dallas as well. Both graduated from Bryan Adams High School as did their son, Bobby. The last 12 years they were back in East Dallas while she remodeled several houses in the Forest Hills neighborhood. Realtors felt it  was important to call attention to her work on their flyers. From hence came the “Vicki White Original” catch phrase.


But the family felt it was time to return to Lake Highlands where they enjoy being so close to so many dear friends. It’s the little things that matter so much to her renovations. The broom closet in the current kitchen is now converted to a wine closet, enclosed by an antique glass door.


The master bedroom is elegant and soothing, dressed in beautiful linens, handmade by Vicki, as are all the linens throughout the house. Her lamp shades have been hand-beaded and the flower arrangements are also original designs.


Detailed molding, along the upstairs hallways and doors, add that custom look and the upstairs den could be in any exclusive golf or hunt club. Jim’s office, with the two-story-high wall of shelves is perfect for his vast library and flight memorabilia. He displays his passenger list in photos that include Ronald Reagan. This room is also adorned by one of the seven skylights in the house.


Their son Bobby, who plans to follow in his father’s foot steps, is away at Texas Central College studying to become a pilot. He has a very special room when he comes home decorated with his favorite things: golf and aviation.


The guest bedroom, also upstairs, would allow any visitor to feel like royalty. The light and brightly decorated room has its very own verandah and has a New Orleans flair.