We had found out people going into the shopping center when she signed the lease to go in. I donÕt a notice about bingo hall (as I do for SOB or dance halls)


Notification on building permit to do improvement to center. Asked if considered proximity to neighborhood. Triggers other concerns: parking, ingress and eggress.


Talked to building permits. Talked to city attorney.


Subsequently passed memorandum to colleagues on council on the 26. Moratorium on granting building permits or c.o.s on bingo parlor  until ZOLAC (committee that makes recommendation to City) has recommendation on building bingo parlors zoned for community retail.


Can exist in CR Allowed use by right. Rather go through SUP process. Nothing more than a public process. This is what we have to do. Daytime hours. Number of things can specify in SUP process.


Instead of rumors flying around about who you are and what you are about to do, you can get answers. If a SUP is granted, two to three years  issue comes back and you may say you did what you said you would do, youÕre a good neighbor and we love you. Or may say didnÕt shoot straight with us.


My perspective in doing this is that it is not against bingo parlors. CRC have changed from what they are supposed to be. Drugstore, shoe stores, dime stores. This is an amusement use. IÕm not sure they should have carte blanche for permit.


Centers are getting older all over the city. Should be more of a public process involved. Not sure fits this area.


DonÕt have a bone to pick with bingo parlors.


People ask ÒWhat can we do to prevent the bingo parlor from going inÓ and now the answer is is ÒThereÕs nothing you can do.Ó Public process for that have a comfort level for it.


Another issue is having 8-liners (slot machines). Questionable whether legal or not. AG ruling. DonÕt pay off money, pay off bingo tickets.


Lawsuits associated with it. That kind of thing in bingo parlor could shed a different lights. Pushing more of a gambling spectacle in my opinion do you want legal?


I have asked her to meet with members of community and talk about what she will do. Good operator. DonÕt have problems with her. Made offer to put together community meeting. She has been very open and forthcoming.


Moratorium would not affect her because of hardship.


Neighborhood resident Jonna Miller


We can do anything. Spoke with Alan Walne, our City Councilman. No SUP in place for that shopping center.


TheyÕre going in and weÕve got a lot of upset neighbors. If true doing that, would like to be involved. Would call everyone.


Sign petition. There is not a happy person over here except Cecile Rod. The occupants of the shopping center donÕt like it. Gathered petition probably got 250 names. 1, 277 just n my area. ThatÕs quite a lot of opposition. I donÕt know if it will do any good.


Concerned about. During conversation with Cecile: Why put bingo parlor in the heart of our neighborhood? Why not put it with the other bingo parlors?


I donÕt want to be part of the bingo ghetto. (BP more suitable to non-residential areas)


MaryÕs Mail Center. Garrison Garden. Handyman Hardware. All less than five years on lease. Upset. Concerned they will leave. I donÕt know about Have told that ÒI donÕt want the rent upÓ for the common areas, so wonÕt lead a fight against it.


Owner of H/H tried to get businesses to rally against it. Worried that the shopping center owner would retaliate in ways they canÕt afford.


Look at our demographics and look at demographics where other bps are. We are heavily residential, not heavily commercial. Most near throughfares, Central Expressway.


Not at Kingsley and Audelia. School out around time place closes. (The schoolkids would have to walk past bingo parlor) where people will be drinking.


If people want to bring own alcohol, she would let them drink in her bingo parlor.


I can see the uproar when one of the kids is walking past there and gets hit by a car.


I have three children.


What Cecile is doing is organized gambling. 100 percent of the profits are not going to charity and she allows drinking. ThatÕs how she differs from the churches. The churches are 100 percent for charity and they do not allow drinking.


Usually put them in places that are pretty run down. If bingo parlor was the best they could get there now, I canÕt imagine what is next. (tattoo parlor). It will run off legitimate business.


It is legalized only because a few years ago (lobbied) Says it is primarily our perception. Many others have perception that this is not a legitimate business.


I donÕt like bingo. I donÕt want the smoke. I donÕt want the alchohol. I can walk to the bingo parlor. It is a half-block from my home that at one time could sell for 185,000. ThatÕs just a little to close for me.


This is the first time I have ever done this. ItÕs too late. I really care about my neighborood  and I really donÕt want it going to pot.




Probably open in a month or so. It takes awhile to finish a place the way I finish it out. I would like to do that.


Offered to do it the first time they called here, but said was not necessary. National Night Out Against Crime would come to answer questions but phoned the DMN lady to come.


I would like to get along with our neighbors. I was born in the city and brought up in Lakewood. (now lives in N. Dallas).


I feel some of the homeowners are apprehensive about the word ÒbingoÓ and have preconceived ideas about what it is.


Shopping center is about 40 percent vacant. When we finish our place, it will be the nicest place there. I keep a lovely place and make sure it is nice and clean.


Blue-collar, white-collar, office workers, professional people, ladies out having lunch together. One retired lady from Ursuline Academy.


Ecumenical place. People come into play in bingo hall are all races, creeds and religions.


Really nice atmosphere. ItÕs quite (not loud and boisterous). If you miss a number, you may miss a bingo.


Just have a nice, clean operation and a nice business. They have a wrong impression of what bingo is, at least at my hall.


WonÕt even come in (to see). I still havenÕt figured out that mind-set.


BYOB. ThatÕs Jonna Miller. I do not serve alchol. This is a family place with children. I do not encourage it. It is legal in the state of Texas (at establishments) that do not have a liquor license.


Only four-five times we saw people bad beer and said.


Never have had a problem. We donÕt want it. I do not approve of it. Some bingo parlors sell beer or wine (the ones in the Park Cities are very nice). ThatÕs the last thing I want in my hall.


Legally if we see someone. I serve fountain drinks. Snack bar with chips and sandwiches. Not profit-making, just accommodation.


Such a big issue has grown from one person. Very nice halls in North Dallas serve beer and wine


I keep a family hall where people can bring their kids. About 150/day. Close to 200 on holiday. Operates from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.


Showed customers ways to get to the hall without getting on free. Already making test runs once in a while.


Will not bus people in. Grow through word of mouth and loyalty like any other business. Never had a problem in the place.


Very, very regulated business. (regulations from everybody) who conducts business. Named to Bingo Advisory Committee with state. Bring chairman. DonÕt have a problem with this business. In it for nine years.


Home building stopped. We needed a way to make a living. State-licensed, state-regulation.


BYOB is her word. I never used. Very sweet young lady. ThatÕs why we need this forum.


Send notices. City paying. Waste of money because of my place. I feel bad. I am 70 years old and have never had anything like this in my life (in the business sense_.


Bingo parlors in City of Dallas. All have them not. Took out of place. AG ruled can have. Play bingo and during intermission can play 8-liners. Get customers got,


IÕm not opening an arcade. This is compatible with bingo at this point. When and if they become unlawful, IÕll be the first one to turn them off and have them picked up.


DidnÕt have for four months. Earn tickets to play more bingo. Not just bingo. There are 8-liners all over the city.


I do not operate an amusement arcade and would not do that. Everyone should do things as they feel they should. Keep an mind and listen so we can learn. People play from every walk of life. People come into our place and do not avoid each other. WouldnÕt need a Million Man March or picketing (if life was like hall). I have never looked down on someone, or a neighbor.


Worried that apartment people will come and play? We welcome them to.