Can you write a resume? Plan a budget? Explain interview skills? If so, you could be a tremendous help to the YWCA Women’s Resource Center – an organization that matches people with the resources they need.

The Center offers a variety of programs, including a career program for women trying to enter or re-enter the workforce. Many of these clients are young people who dropped out of high school, while others are older women who have never used their degrees and must now find jobs.

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Paige Park, director of the Women’s Resource Center, says they need volunteers to work one-on-one or in small groups with clients, teaching them the skills they need to find jobs.

She says one of the best parts of volunteering for the YWCA is the “sheer delight of getting a hug from someone you’ve listened to and helped.”

“If counseling is your area of expertise, your skills also are in demand at the Center. Qualified volunteer counselors are needed to meet with clients and determine the resources they need. Park says this is an ideal opportunity for counselors and students who need credit hours toward their counseling licenses.

For information about becoming a volunteer at the YWCA Women’s Resource Center, call 214-826-9922.