In the spirit of  the Promise Keepers, Scofield Memorial Church of Lake Highlands will play host to a non-denominational men’s leadership conference Feb. 27-28.

The conference, which is designed to cross denominational and racial boundaries, will focus on the changing role of the male in the family and leadership values.

"The role of the male has changed so dramatically in the past decade, that we feel we need to help the male get a more profound feeling for the family," says Ken Cox, co-chairman for the committee of 10 Lake Highlands churches that will present the conference.

The conference will feature nationally known  keynote speaker Steve Farrar, who frequently holds his own conferences for males and for couples.

The idea for a convention based on family values as they pertain to the male is not a new one, but it is one that should continue to be fostered and realized, says co-chairman Frank Ianez.

"I think that with all the expectations and changes within the male role, it is very important to have conferences like this one that help men find the path they need to be on," says Ianez.

With more than 75 churches having been contacted about the conference, attendance is expected to be about 1,000 men, ages 16 and up.

"We expect most of those in attendance to be middle-aged men with families, but we certainly won’t limit it to only those people," says Ianez.  "It is such a positive and moving experience that we want as many people to attend as possible."

Though the convention is geared toward men, the benefits extend way beyond that particular group, say Cox and Ianez.

"We have the complete support of the women in the congregation as it will help to make our relationships with our wives and families stronger," says Cox.

To open the conference to all interested, those who can’t afford the admission will be eligible for scholarships provided by funds raised at a dinner presented by Scofield in January.

Advance tickets can be purchased for $50 or $40 for students by calling Scofield Memorial Church at 214-349-6043. Tickets purchased at the door will be an additional $10.