If you find yourself driving down Lovers Lane, just honk your horn when you pass the park at Turtle Creek in University Park. Odds are that you will greet Celia Massey Coon ’75 and any of her three sons.

This is their number one hang-out during the warmer months. They just purchased a new home backing up to the park, creek and playground facilities. If you have time, bring a picnic lunch and join them.

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I learned that Celia’s sister, Allison ’76, is a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. Allison is single and literally lives a jet-set life.

Celia and her husband Everett discovered it’s a small world when they had their house inspected. They learned the inspector was none other than L.H. graduate Van Wright.

Class of ’86 Roundup

Dr. Maureen Martin Jamieson ’86 is a chiropractor in the neighborhood. Jamieson went to Loyola University in New Orleans. After graduation, she pursued her career through the Parker Chiropractic School in Dallas.

For three years, she worked for Valley Ranch Chiropractors and treated the Dallas Cowboys before she ventured out with a partner and set up a private practice in Lake Highlands.

Her business is called Metroplex Chiropractors and is located at LBJ and Northwest Highway.

Jamieson told me about two of her high school friends: Jennifer Davis ’86 lives in the Dallas area and works at Children’s Hospital, and Carol Vance ’86 lives and works as a nanny in Austin.

Home Bound

Another ’86 graduate is planning to return to Dallas soon. Leslie Boyden lives in Denver, Colo., and has nearly completed her degree in counseling from Colorado Christian University. According to my source, Leslie needs to return to the warmer Dallas climate quickly, where snow isn’t such a concern. Boyden apparently was hot-dogging the slopes recently and broke her hand while snow boarding.

Class Reunions

The plans for reunions of Lake Highlands graduating classes of ’85 and ’75 are underway. For information, call 416-5557 or 800-725-5557.