At some time, most of us have complained about too many cars driving too fast on our neighborhood streets.

The traffic threatens the safety of our children and diminishes the quality of life. Some major thoroughfares could readily qualify as “clogged arteries.”

While previous Councils made the zoning decisions that created this neighborhood nuisance, recent Council actions have created opportunities for us to regain some control of our neighborhood streets.

The Road-Hump Policy, passed by the previous Council, is specifically directed to slow down speeders. Residents who are experiencing persistent problems with speeding may petition the City to install road humps.

To receive road humps, a traffic analysis must be conducted to determine the number of daily trips and the average speed of the vehicles on the street.

Both the Police Department and Fire Department must agree that installation of road humps will not slow down their response time.

Depending upon the average speed of the vehicles on the street, the City may share the cost of the installation of the road humps. However, with the limited availability of City funds, residents who wish to have the road humps installed quickly should expect to pay the full cost of installation, which is about $1,100 per road hump, but is set case by case.

The entire process is handled administratively and can be completed in a matter of weeks.

A second program recently approved by the Council allows communities to petition the City for closure of neighborhood streets. The process is more complicated and involves a public hearing before the Council.

Communities must pay an application fee, and if the request is approved, bear all costs of closure. This procedure is not only helpful in dealing with speeders, but may also be effective in addressing neighborhood security concerns.

If you and your neighbors are interested in either of these programs, please call Gloria at 670-4068. We will be happy to provide further details.