Ever since I was four years old, I’ve wanted my own horse. I even have documented proof – my Mom kept all my letters to Santa asking for one every year.

While the letters eventually stopped, the desire never waned. When I moved to Dallas, I figured this would be the place for me and my horse. Everyone had one, didn’t they? At least that’s how this city was depicted in movies to residents outside the state.

Before becoming involved with the SPCA of Texas 10 years ago, I called asking if they ever received horses. They told me they couldn’t because of lack of space, upkeep, etc.

As a staff member, I was always asking our field investigators about horses they came across that had been abandoned, starved or were no longer wanted.

I was told that these horses required a lot of rehabilitation and medical care, and that I probably would not be able to deal with that – or even want to as my first experience as a horse owner.

But one day, Bobby French, our chief investigator, brought me a newsletter about a group called Second Chance Horses. Their purpose is to stop the needless slaughter of horses by offering them a second chance – literally

This new group of horse lovers has banded together to save horses, many purebred Arabians or Tennessee Walkers. They attend the Lawson Road Auction weekly and purchase good horses that are put on the auction block by people who no longer care what happens to them.

These rescued horses are then taken to a foster farm, where they are checked by a vet before being placed in a foster home to await adoption.

Anyone wishing to adopt one of these horses must fill out an application and paperwork for Second Chance. For more information, call (214) 563-2551 and ask for either Paul or Joyce Morobitto.

Second Chance Horses has just received its 501 © (3) status (registered non-profit), and with many mouths to feed and shoes to buy, the organization could sure use donations from you horse lovers.

Send to: Second Chance Horses, Inc., P.O. Box 1206, Terrell, Texas 75160. Even though this address is Terrell, many of the people involved work and live in our neighborhoods.

I do have a special interest in this group, because after many years of asking Santa for a horse, I finally got one! And I got her through Second Chance.

My 7-year-old bay, thoroughbred Tennessee Walker with a white blaze and two white stockings is now residing at White Rock stables. She’s absolutely beautiful and the love of my life. I named her Kismet, which means fate or good fortune.

Without the kind, caring people who formed Second Chance Horses, my dream may still be just a dream.