Rebecca Russell Alexander (66) is married and living in Ithaca, N.Y. where she is very involved in community activities. Recently, Rebecca helped raise money to enable Ithaca College to bring a New York City director for a production of the college’s drama department.

Rebecca was helping set up for the event with some of the college’s cast and crew and started talking with an actor about lifestyles in the South. Rebecca was surprised to learn that this actor was also from the South. She was shocked to learn he was from Dallas, and she was dumbfounded when she learned that he, too, attended Lake Highlands High School.

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Rebecca had bumped into Greg Bostwick (67), who had been only one year behind her at Lake Highlands. Greg is currently with the Ithaca College Drama Department, and has been in productions on Broadway and written and produced an off-Broadway play.

Community Contributor

A long-time resident of Lake Highlands, and also a contributor to the community, is George Crawford, retired physics instructor from SMU.

Crawford is chairman for the Clean Air Task Force for Texas Committee On Natural Resources. He vigilantly addresses issues of air quality in the Metroplex. His primary concern is testing for acid rain.

Crawford and some volunteer-assistants have measured every rainfall in the area since 1984. He checks the quality of the air and compares it to the wind patterns of the day for correlations.

The American Lung Association is sponsoring a study with Crawford to determine if days that have an unusually high occurrence of respiratory problems reported by area hospitals are linked to the measurements of chemical content in the air. Then he will study the wind patterns of the day and try to zero in on the origins of the pollutants.

Even in retirement, Crawford keeps education and commitment to his community high on his agenda.

Recently Crawford and his wife, Jeanette, traveled to San Antonio to march in the Senior Olympics with Jeanette’s mother, Ann Kizer. The three walked the 5K together.

Jeanette says next year Ann will carry the torch in the opening ceremony. She receives the honor because she will be the oldest participant at 95.

First-time Author

It has been a long, hot summer for many parents who have been trying to entertain kids during their vacation. The usual haunts, by now, have lost their appeal. But take heart, help is on the way – and not a minute too soon.

Kay McCasland Threadgill (68) has a new book hitting area bookstores that will rescue parents who are at their wit’s end. It is a year-round guide book for family and children’s activities called “Explore Dallas With Children.”

Threadgill provides 300 pages of detailed information about major attractions, tours, shopping, performing arts, sports, festivals, day trips and birthday party ideas. The book also introduces other fun and inexpensive places that are not well known, but offer special insight into the worlds of nature, art, history and literature.

Threadgill is married, has three daughters and teaches English at Eastfield Community College.

Odds and Ends

Debbie Oliver (83) is an assistant vice president with The Associates in Las Colinas. Debbie is in the Business Development division, and travels extensively.

Another 1983 grad, Greg Courtwright, attended law school at SMU and is practicing law. It was reported that he graduated at the top of his class. He certainly has the correct name for a successful law career.

Attention all 1978 grads. You have a 15-year reunion scheduled for Aug. 14 at the Dallas World Aquarium. For information, contact Lisa Jenneman at 341-7361.