After heavy storms pounded North Texas on May 28, neighbors were left with power outages, roof damage and large amounts of storm debris.

Close to a month later, the power is back on and roofers may have made their rounds, but storm debris still sits on many neighbors’ curbs. 

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Photo by Austin Wood.

While much of the debris west of Audelia Road has been picked up, neighbors east of Audelia Road, in the third Monday collection zone, will likely have to wait weeks for pickup – at least. 

The City of Dallas splits Dallas into four brush and bulk trash pickup areas, based on the week each month that the area receives bulk pickup, a rough map of which can be found here. Neighbors west of Audelia Road generally fall into the fourth Monday area, the first picked up by the City. 

According to Dallas Sanitation’s website, the department is currently working in the first Monday collection area, which will be followed by the second Monday area, then lastly the third Monday area – where most neighbors east of Audelia Road live. Each area is expected to take two or more weeks to complete, meaning that the third Monday area is likely facing a minimum three-week wait time. 

In order to ensure debris is picked up, the City is encouraging residents to park at least 20 feet away from debris between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m, separate debris into vegetative and non-vegetative piles and cut larger branches into smaller pieces.