The LHJH scoreboard.

Richardson ISD is hosting a salvage sale of historic items from Lake Highlands Junior High. The school will be demolished over the summer as the district prepares to open the newly constructed Lake Highlands Middle School.

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Primo items up for sale include the scoreboard from the large gym ($2,400), Lake Highlands Junior High Gymnasium lettering from the southwest corner of the building ($1,040), the LH Wildcat logo from the west side of the small gym ($940), main entry lettering from the southwest corner of the building ($965) and numbers which indicated the school’s address as 10301Walnut Hill ($360). A few items will be sold but cannot be priced until demolition is completed, including the LH logo on the large gym’s wood floor, lighting from the auditorium stage and wood planks from the stage. Less expensive pieces include the school marquee ($260), auditorium seats ($100), school bells ($100) and locker doors ($20).

The sale closes at 11:59 p.m. Monday, June 3. RISD says all sales are final and items are sold as is. Credit cards will not be accepted, only checks made out to Richardson ISD. Payment is due upon pickup.

RISD officials say the entire district will eventually move to the middle school model, with elementary campuses educating K-5 and middle schools hosting grades 6-8. Schools in the LH Learning Community will be among the first in RISD to make the transition, with all LH-area sixth graders attending either LH Middle School or the expanded and heavily remodeled Forest Meadow Middle School this fall. In some district feeder patterns, the changeover will occur later using funds from future bonds.

Auditorium seat.

LHJH marquee.

LH logo on wood floor.

Hallway school bell.