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There is a new way to pay your monthly Dallas Water Utilities bill, but if you haven’t heard about the new system, you aren’t alone.

city billing portal called DallasGo went live Monday, March 25, replacing the city’s previous bill paying system. According to a news release, the updated platform “offers more functionality” to customers paying Dallas Water Utilities or other city bills, and will allow one-time payments to be made through the Guest Pay feature, so a login or account will not be required.

But accounts will be required for any customers who want to continue using autopay for their billing.

143,000 customers who were enrolled in autopay on the old system received an email over St. Patrick’s Day weekend notifying them the they will have to re-enroll with DallasGo.

According to a memo by Deputy City Manager Kimberly Tolbert, around 27,000 of those customers received emails addressed to the incorrect account holder. Affected customers have now been sent a revised email notifying them of the new system, and account activation emails were sent out citywide March 25.

Still, some neighbors have been left confused by the rollout.

One Brettonwoods resident posted on the Nextdoor app that she deleted her account activation email thinking it was a scam because it did not reference the city and was sent by the customer service team at the electronic billing vendor Paymentus, not Dallas Water Utilities.

On the DallasGo website’s FAQ tab, the city assures that account activation emails are legitimate. Customers unable to find their email with the temporary password associated with their new account will have to call Dallas Water Utilities Customer Service at 214-651-1441 to have a new email sent to the account on file.

A Kiest Park area neighbor commented that the lapse in online payment systems resulted in him driving Downtown to pay his water bill in person.

The memo given to the city council announcing the new system was filed March 22, but the previous billing platform was taken offline at 6 p.m. March 21. DallasGo was not available until March 25, so customers with bills due between those dates found themselves scrambling to make in person payments.

The memo said no late fees or water interruptions will be enforced for customers who were affected by the transition.