Jeremy and Jody Hebert and family

February 10 began as any other Saturday for Lake Highlands dad Jeremy Hebert. Like many busy parents in the neighborhood, he and wife, Jody, were juggling the activities of three active daughters — one is a Lake Highlands High School Highlandette, one is a cheerleader and volleyball player at LH Junior High and one is a fourth grader at White Rock Elementary.

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While Jody was at a dance competition, Jeremy was in the stands of a volleyball tournament, where he began feeling the apparent symptoms of the flu. When he called his wife, she couldn’t understand a word, so she phoned his parents and sent them to the tournament for a well check. She sent a text to the family’s volleyball carpool group, and they went off to the parking lot to find her husband. Jeremy was having a stroke.

Jeremy was rushed to one hospital, which administered blood thinner and sent him by ambulance to another ER for removal of the blood clot. The follow up CT scan indicated a dire situation. He was care flighted to the ICU at Baylor.

The good news: Despite complications, an additional surgery Tuesday to address his atrial fibrillation was successful, but he has a long road ahead to complete recovery. The difficult news: The incident was a tough blow for the family, already facing medical challenges. Jody was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in May of 2022.

Neighbors, friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page, which will be used for ongoing support for the Hebert family.